Pink and White

Apologies for my lack of posts lately - my computer was down for a while, and I didn't have access to my pictures! Rest assured, I will be posting quite a bit more often now that I have it back. :)

Have you ever noticed how perfectly beautiful pink is against blue?

Or red against blue, for that matter?

And there's something about this soft cream against the dark green that is perfectly exquisite:

Can't forget black and white - so raw yet delicate:
(linking this pic up to Paper Heart's photo challenge)

What's your favorite color combination?


  1. Beautiful photos! I LOVE flowers and these are amazing shots!

  2. These are lovely! I adore the second shot...simply beautiful. And your black and white photo has an awesome focus. =)


  3. beautiful bokeh! well-done with your photo!

    via captured in B&W

    Light Trigger

  4. +1 on the bokeh. Just lovely. Those tulips make me think of ripe apples, with the variegation: Love that lake photo.



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