Signs of Spring

I finally have some flower pictures to share with you all! Unfortunately, all of these flowers were indoors (and many were blooming during winter), but I know soon they will be blooming outdoors as well!

This flower is called a "Star of Bethlehem." I had never seen it before. Isn't it beautiful? 

This red rose was in the music lounge left over from someone's bouquet, and so I decided to take pictures of it. I thought it was ironic that such a pretty flower had been placed in a Chipotle cup.

Notice the word written in pencil? ;)

These pictures are from a lady's tea outreach I went to. The centerpieces for each table were gorgeous - old books, gilded teacups, and beautiful (though fake) flowers. :)

Hope you enjoyed those - and I hope to see flowers in the landscape soon!
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