Daisy Chain

I've always thought it would be cool to make a daisy chain. So one day I tried it, and I found (to my surprise) that it actually worked!

I braided the pliable stems of the daisies, and added new ones every other twist or so. 

Join them together, and you have a crown.

I had great fun modeling with it out in the woods, like some woodland fairy.

Ever tried to make a daisy chain (or crown)? 

For more daisy chain pictures, check out this post on my main blog.

Roses are Red...

...violets are blue,

But I like roses better

What about you?

In the garden

There is so much beauty in the summertime.

The gardens are full of it:

Flowers like white cups of sunshine:

Purple bachelor buttons, full of character and a delicate beauty all their own:

(I'm not sure if anything is in focus here, but somehow I still really like this photo)

Chives with purple flowers like crinkly pom-poms:

And the catalpa tree, holding forth its flowers like clumps of fringed pearls:

Where do you see beauty?

Blue Beauties

I found these tiny blue flowers in the midst of our front garden as I was weeding, and could not help taking a picture or two.

Each flower is only about as big as the tip of my pinky finger.

Sometimes beauty comes in small packages.

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