I Love Loving People

You know what?

I love loving people. Going out of the box... out of the blue... and letting them know just how much they are loved.

Complimenting them, saying the sweet things you think but feel too shy to say. Being genuine - smiling - telling them just how special they are.

Being willing to be vulnerable and let them hear what you really think and feel. Let them see who you really are deep inside.

Loving people is scary, because you can't get close until you're willing to peel back the layers. But the end result is truly beautiful.

A true friendship is like two cups, constantly pouring into each other. If only one did it, that cup would soon be dry. But when they both pour their love, laughter and lives into each other, encouraging each other and lifting each other up to God, the picture of their lives becomes truly beautiful.

I love loving people.

New Things

There's been a lot of changes around here recently. Notice anything different about the blog? Yep, that's right, the makeover is complete!I think Olive Tree did a great job - I love the color scheme especially. :) It matches perfectly with the pictures in the header (which is pretty awesome, don't you think?)

Another new thing is that I finally got my camera! Obviously, from the second I opened it, it was picture-taking time. I ran the battery out in the first two days because I was just so excited to have a camera in my hands again!

Here are a few pictures (don't worry, I'll have more up soon!):

Of course, the first picture I took was a self-portrait. ;)

See the reflection of the camera?

Trying out macro

I'll be experimenting with the new watermark... so bear with me! :D

Also, I've added a subscribe link on the bottom - both for subscribing through email, and for subscribing through a reader. If you're a casual looker, or a facebook stalker (lol), I would love if you subscribed! 

So, what do you think of all this "newness"? ;)

Exciting News!

Remember my last post in which I entered Olive Tree's photography contest? Well guess what? I won!

The prize I chose is a blog makeover, which I am extremely excited about. :D Since my main blog already had a makeover recently, I chose to do a makeover for this blog - complete with a scrolling picture header, new watermark for photos, and everything! Needless to say, I'm extremely excited!

Another awesome thing that happened recently is that I bought a camera (yes, I know, FINALLY)! I've been researching for a long time and I finally found one which seems to be all I want within my price range. It's a Canon SD1300IS (12 mp, 4x optical zoom) and I'm pretty excited about it. I got it online so I won't receive it for a few days yet. I can't wait! :D

Like the pictures in this post? They're some of the last remaining pictures I wanted to post from my old camera. I'm getting a new one just in time! :D
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