Ice-Transformed World

So, in my last post I promised some pictures of the ice storm we had a few weeks ago. There were so many of them that it was hard to get through them all! Though the ice was not fun to walk on (or through), it transformed the world into an incredible array of beauty.

Even gutters get a touch of elegance:

The grass turns into something else completely. (It almost looks like fish underwater or something!)

Benches receive frills of icicles:

Leaves become even more crunchy:

The lovely clock we have on campus got a whole new shade of elegance:

And these insignificant little buds turn into works of art:

Isn't an icy world pretty?

Winter Wanderings

There are some pictures you just never get around to sharing until it's really past the proper time.

Take this one, for example.

My cat hates to see the Christmas tree go, because he absolutely loves sleeping under it. So when we took it down the first week of January, this was his expression all day. Silly kitty. ;)

And these:

My brothers and I have a tradition to make paper snowflakes and suspend them from our living room ceiling each winter. We were spraying some with a fixative to make them more stiff, and I liked the way the design was left behind.

Like my blue fingertips? My brother and I made gingerbread cookies, and we decided to see what food coloring and sugar would be like as a topping. It worked moderately well... but left an interesting tint on our fingers. ;)

One day I pulled out the cord to charge my mp3 player... and this was the shape it was in:

Even my seashells are photogenic in wintertime:

And last, but not least, two random outdoor winter pictures that I simply love.

Thus wraps up my random winter wanderings! Tune in next time to hear and see more about a certain ice storm that encrusted my world last week. Though the walking was treacherous, the world was breathtakingly beautiful. :)
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