Of Shadowy Things

Raquel and Lucia are hosting a photography contest (which ends tomorrow!) on shadows and silhouettes. I thought this sounded like a pretty creative idea, so I looked through my archives until I finally found two photos I liked. I had to go pretty far back, too: this first one is from 2010, and the second one is from 2007.

My shadow on the deck, as I'm holding a rose.

Contemplating the world... or perhaps what shell to pick up next.


  1. That second photo is an absolute stunner.


  2. Okay, so I really like the texture that the first photo has, but I am very much so totally in love with that second photo, Melody! It's just beautiful!! I joined into this photography contest too (at the last minute of course)! =)

  3. Ooh...beautiful pictures! I love the ones you chose. I entered this contest too, it's lots of fun. :)



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