Of Shadowy Things

Raquel and Lucia are hosting a photography contest (which ends tomorrow!) on shadows and silhouettes. I thought this sounded like a pretty creative idea, so I looked through my archives until I finally found two photos I liked. I had to go pretty far back, too: this first one is from 2010, and the second one is from 2007.

My shadow on the deck, as I'm holding a rose.

Contemplating the world... or perhaps what shell to pick up next.

New Growth


So, I found this blog recently called "Me. That's all I have to be." And Megan, the author, is doing a really neat photo meme called "Macro Life." Each week, you post a macro picture of something small that is of great importance to you. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to link up.

New Growth. 

Spring comes slowly to my part of the country, unfortunately, but seeing the first buds and green leaves is always so precious. I love every season, but there's just something about Spring that makes me glad to be alive. And I can't wait to see more growth and green and flourishing things!
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