Cheerful Like Yellow

Yellow is such a cheerful color. :)

Yellow seems to be my new color this year - I had hardly any of it in my wardrobe last year, and yet this spring I've been attracted to it a lot.

When our forsythia bush was in bloom, I had the bright idea to make a crown out of its branches and pretend I was a woodland elf.

Even our cat looks good in yellow, don't you think?

What's a cheerful color for you?


  1. Ooh, I love yellow! Another cheerful color is bright cherry red. =)


  2. DORK!
    Jk, <3
    You're loving the yellow because you miss me so much!! :P

  3. Bree - you're right, red is very cheery (though I hardly wear it except at Christmas). :)

    Emi - hehe that's exactly right! ;)


  4. Lately I've had a real flair for yellow too. Interesting. Sadly, I can only wear about two shades of it because the others wash me out.

    Have you considered yellow and gray? I have an umbrella with a geometric pattern in those colors which I think may have started my current passion for yellow.



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