Me and My Kitty

It's been beautiful outside these past few weeks. Summer has finally hit, and the sunshine is wonderful. :)

My brother and I were outside, taking pictures for my post on my main blog Vividry, and surprisingly, there were a number of good ones. I don't take any credit for these pictures - all credit goes to him. (I did put my watermark on them, just so no one will steal them.) He is a surprisingly good photographer, and a wonderful brother. :) So here the pictures are, for your enjoyment!

All credit for these images goes to my brother, "Eagle", and were taken by him with his camera.

*click click click*

Interesting angle on this one... but I think I like it. :)

Isn't my brother creative?

Siblings really are a gift from the Lord, and I am so glad I have such a sweet and creative brother. Doesn't he take wonderful pictures?


Early in June, the peonies always bloom. I love these gorgeous flowers with their massive heads of pink beauty. Unfortunately, I was only able to snatch a few pictures of them before a heavy thunderstorm tore them to shreds. :( But here they are, for your enjoyment:

These next three were taken just after the thunderstorm:

There's still one small flower left!

I love how the leaf is in focus and the flower isn't. That was actually completely accidental.

Let me leave you with one last picture of beauty in its perfection:

A Photographer without a Camera

Yes, sadly enough, I am currently a photographer without a camera.

My camera's screen broke, and though it still will turn on and "take" pictures, they're all fuzzy and blurry (and of course, I couldn't see through the screen to know if I was taking a good one or not). And I'm pretty sure it would cost just as much to fix the screen as it would to buy a new camera.


I took a walk today, and it was so hard to stare at everything and think, "That would be such a good picture!" but not be able to do anything about it. I got a dozen red roses for my piano recital the other day... and I'm unable to take a picture of a single one of them. There's beauty all around me, and I'm unable to capture any of it!

I'll just have to get a new camera - and get it soon!

I still do have some pictures that I've taken, so I will be posting a few more posts with pictures from that other camera. So don't despair! :D

Just Like a Writer

I've been writing a lot recently, and one day when I had writer's block I took out my camera and started taking pictures of my work. And I was actually pretty pleased with the results!

These pictures are of my allegory. Can you figure out what it's about?

My favorite means of writing: paper and pencil.

My faithful hands that work so diligently without complaining (too much).

I kind of like this one in sepia. What do you think?
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