A Picture is worth...

... a thousand bites. 

That's my philosophy, anyway. ;)

You don't know how many times I'll be making something in the kitchen and all of a sudden rush out of the room on a frantic search for my camera. My mom (and many of my dormmates) thinks I'm crazy, but hey, anything for that awesome picture, right?

This next shot was my roommate's granola and yogurt. Before she stirred it up I yelled, "Wait, let me get a picture of it!"

I think that's when she realized I really would rather take a picture of something beautiful than eat it.

Does taking pictures of food appeal to you, or am I crazy here?


  1. I grab my camera to take photos of food sometimes too, but I'm not that great at taking photos of food I'll admit. :)

  2. I have several avocado pictures I must show you... that green flesh against the dark rind - just as yummy in an aesthetic sense!



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