Well, while at college this year I haven't been taking as many pictures because I've couped myself up in the practice rooms a whole lot. But, when I went home for fall break, I couldn't help but take pictures of our puppy.

Remember this cute little girl?

She's gotten really big.

She and I had a lot of fun together.

And I love her to death

Aren't puppies so much fun?

Fabulous Nails

I have a friend who loves painting nails. She's pretty awesome at it.

I've never really gotten into nail polish since I have to keep my nails short and clean for playing piano. But my friend has given me a number of fun "manicures" which I've loved.

She's given me strawberry nails:

(these pics were taken after most of the nail polish had rubbed off)

Silver sparkles:

Pink roses:

And even blue roses:

Do you like painting nails?

Name that flower

I think I'm a compulsive flower photographer.

When I see a flower I haven't taken a picture of before (or even one I have!) I whip out the camera to find the perfect angle on it.

Does anyone know what kind of flower these are? I found a pot of them in my Granny's garden, and they are simply gorgeous! Any guesses?

Linking the above photo to:

What about these flowers? 

Can you guess from the silhouette?

I think it's amazing how many different kinds of flowers God has made.

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