Memories, Dreams and Reflections

I'm linking up to Ashley Sisk's "Memories, Dreams and Reflections" linkup.

1. Me!
There's so many things that went on in my life last year... but one of the biggies that I'm proud of accomplishing is recording my CD. It's still not out yet (hopefully will be soon!), but even just the coordinating and composing and recording of everything was a tremendous achievement.

2. I Love You
 I love you sweet friend - don't you ever forget it! :)

3. Still Laughing...
One night, when it was especially loud outside my dorm room, I went out and encountered this! Hall study party. Whatever works to get that homework done! ;)

4. Winter Wonderland
 The view at my grandparent's house at sunset. This is all their property - gorgeous, isn't it?

5. Birthday& 6. Friends
 When I saw this picture I knew I had to combine these two (Birthday & Friends). For my birthday this year, I had three close friends over and we did a little photoshoot. I can't remember whose idea this picture was, but it turned out really cool!

7. I Was Inspired... 
 Words, writing, the feel of a pencil beneath my fingers, scratching down my thoughts, emotions, ideas... all of these things inspire me.

8. Spring Fever
 This sweet flower seems to capture the very essence of springtime: delicate, rain-dappled, and perfectly exquisite in its frailty.

9. Travel/Vacation 
 I snapped this picture in the reflection of my brother's sunglasses as we were driving to visit my grandparents last January. And what's funny is that the camera in the reflection has since then been replaced - twice.

10. Summer Days 
 I actually can't take credit for this picture - my friend Jess over at Image-ine took this picture of me on a photoshoot we did. Whenever I look at it I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on my face...

11. A Day In My Life
 A typical day in my life at college starts like this: walking to breakfast in the cold, watching the eastern sky begin to glow.

 After classes and whatnot, I usually end up here - in a practice room. Yep, these little (tiny!) rooms are were I spend most of my time. ;)

12. All Smiles

Me and some of the girls from my hall. ;) Some of us are smiling... some laughing... and some making exasperated looks at the camera (*coughBrecough*)

13. Autumn Harvest 
 This picture just speaks autumn to me. That rich, vibrant color that God streaks in reds and oranges across the world.

14. Family 
 I try to refrain from posting pictures of my family on the internet, but I found this picture and I think it's perfect. I love my family so very much. They are my inspiration, my support group, and my best pals.

Since this is such a long linkup (there's 25 categories in all!) I thought I would stop here for this post. I'll be posting the rest of the linkup soon!


  1. Those photos are all so beautiful, Melody! I'm not sure which one is my favorite. :) The spring flower would be one of my favorites though. It's so simply, yet exquisitely beautiful. I also love the last one. :) Thanks for sharing these pictures, dear! Blessings!

  2. It looks like you had a really great year and congratulations on recording your first album! That's huge. Happy 2011.

  3. I had the same thought about breaking up the post! Great first entry. You captured nature beautifully. Contests on your album, how exciting!


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