When Christmas Comes

...Everything is dressed up.

...presents are wrapped in shiny or ornate packaging.

...a tree is picked (or brought up from the basement, as in our case).

...ornaments are hung.

...our cat is happy.

...and we celebrate Christ's birth!

I hope you all had a very blessed Christmas, and are looking forward to the new year!


  1. Lovely photos... I hope you had a merry Christmas! Your cat is *darling*.

  2. My favorite picture is the one of the shiny yellow ornament. : )

  3. That is some seriously ornately wrapped gifts, and beautiful wrapping paper! Polka Dot's right, your cat is DARLING. Hoping you and your family had a wonderfully blessed Holiday!

  4. Melody, you've captured Christmas so well in these photos! I especially love the second picture with the shiny wrapping paper--great angle!

    One last note: Your cat is soooooo adorable! :)


  5. Oh you took some lovely photos of the Christmas Holiday!
    Happy New Year to you!


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