Me and My Kitty

It's been beautiful outside these past few weeks. Summer has finally hit, and the sunshine is wonderful. :)

My brother and I were outside, taking pictures for my post on my main blog Vividry, and surprisingly, there were a number of good ones. I don't take any credit for these pictures - all credit goes to him. (I did put my watermark on them, just so no one will steal them.) He is a surprisingly good photographer, and a wonderful brother. :) So here the pictures are, for your enjoyment!

All credit for these images goes to my brother, "Eagle", and were taken by him with his camera.

*click click click*

Interesting angle on this one... but I think I like it. :)

Isn't my brother creative?

Siblings really are a gift from the Lord, and I am so glad I have such a sweet and creative brother. Doesn't he take wonderful pictures?


  1. Your brother is great! I love the creative angles and your kitty is super cute!

  2. Great pictures!! You do have a
    very talented brother, Melody. :)

  3. He certainly does! You look so pretty! And you have got an ADORABLE cat. Reminds me of my nana's:D

  4. He sure is a creative photographer :) Very nice!


  5. awesome!! you look really pretty, and I love them!!

  6. Your brother took some great pictures! Good photography must run in the family:-) I really like the angle in the second to last one.

    Your photos on here are beautiful, Melody! I'm really enjoying looking through them.

    I'm following you now and I was wondering if you mind if I add you to the blogroll on my photography blog? If you could leave me a comment and let me know, that'd be lovely!


  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Lovely images, they are so vibrant.

    K xx

  8. Welcome to my website, Melody! I love your websites too. You're so talented, and your super personality will take you far.

    Do you have a button for my website? I'll find out how to post it, I promise. I just haven't done that yet.

    Comments? I crave comments.

    God bless you! Audrey


  10. Wow! Great pictures! I really like the second last one. :) I have a photography blog too-

    And I'm following this blog. ;)

  11. How adorable! The pictures turned out fantastic!


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