Just Like a Writer

I've been writing a lot recently, and one day when I had writer's block I took out my camera and started taking pictures of my work. And I was actually pretty pleased with the results!

These pictures are of my allegory. Can you figure out what it's about?

My favorite means of writing: paper and pencil.

My faithful hands that work so diligently without complaining (too much).

I kind of like this one in sepia. What do you think?


  1. These are gorgeous. Love them. *especially* the second one.

  2. Your handwriting is beautiful. Love the pictures!

  3. It is about Christ dying for you, is it not? :)

  4. Thank-you, ladies!

    Rebecca: That's interesting that you like the second one... I almost didn't put it up. It's different from the other ones, but I like it too. ;)

    Sereina: Why thank-you! The first ones are in my "print" handwriting, and the last one is cursive.

    Melanie: Yes, you're spot on! It is about Christ's death for us. :)



  5. Beautiful, love how it tells a story. Great in sepia at the end, gives a nice vintage feel...

  6. Your hand writing is amazing.

    Mine looks like.....well...it's terrible in comparison!

    Nice work, Melody :)

  7. Amazing handwriting! I am new to this blog, but finding a kindred spirit, another girl that loves words, pencils and paper, is lovely.


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