Name that flower

I think I'm a compulsive flower photographer.

When I see a flower I haven't taken a picture of before (or even one I have!) I whip out the camera to find the perfect angle on it.

Does anyone know what kind of flower these are? I found a pot of them in my Granny's garden, and they are simply gorgeous! Any guesses?

Linking the above photo to:

What about these flowers? 

Can you guess from the silhouette?

I think it's amazing how many different kinds of flowers God has made.


  1. Lovely flower pictures! :) Great job taking them!

  2. Those are lovely...not sure what those flowers up top are though.

  3. Oh! That flowers are so pretty!!

  4. Oh wow, these photos are breath-taking! I've never seen a flower like the first one! Do you know what they are and you're quizzing us? Or do you not know either! Because I'd love to get some of them in my own garden, haha!

  5. Thanks, everyone! Naomi - I don't know what kind of flower they are, though I think my mom suggested Impatients. Let me know if you find them & put them in your garden!


  6. Well, I know that the first flower pictures are fuchsias, and I've seen the second kind of flower but don't know their name.



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