Fabulous Nails

I have a friend who loves painting nails. She's pretty awesome at it.

I've never really gotten into nail polish since I have to keep my nails short and clean for playing piano. But my friend has given me a number of fun "manicures" which I've loved.

She's given me strawberry nails:

(these pics were taken after most of the nail polish had rubbed off)

Silver sparkles:

Pink roses:

And even blue roses:

Do you like painting nails?


  1. AWESOME nails! I wish I was this good at it :) I wasn't a huge fan of painting my nails, but now whenever I have a change, I love to :)

  2. Those are gorgeous! I LOVE doing my nails, and trying out different designs. My latest was a swirl of red and silver--I put a drop of red, a drop of silver onto my nail, then swirled it around with a toothpick. Turned out really pretty :)


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