The Budding of a Flower

There's a flowering tree that I pass pretty much every morning on my way to classes. Each morning I had to stop and document yet another development in the budding of its flowers.

First, came the soft-as-cotton buds:

Then, they began to open:

And get bigger...

Until they were beautiful white flowers:

And the whole tree was fragrant with white blooms:

But then, the rains come...

Shredding the flowers

Leaving the petals crushed and fallen by the roadside...

 And yet, there will always be more beauty:

(color, or b&w? I can't decide)


  1. How beautiful - I love the evolutions!

  2. This post is awesome. I love how you documented the whole cycle. Fabulous!!

  3. By photographing them, you gave the flowers a chance to be beautiful as long as the pictures last, even after the rain shredded them. Thank you. : )

    Is it a magnolia tree, by the way?

  4. Lovely photos! Lovely to see the whole cycle :)


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