Blue Skies

Spring has still been slow in coming, with weather varying from mildly warm to bitter cold (with both snow and rain). But one thing I've come to realize here in Ohio is that one of the first signs of Spring is not flowers or new grass, but blue skies. All winter long the sky is hidden by an oppressive blanket of snow-gray. Only once the clouds begin to recede and the brilliant blue peeks through once more do you know that Spring is almost here.

 A blue sky equals a blue lake, and this is especially interesting when the lake was still slightly frozen over.

See the difference between the two shades of blue in the water? That's the line between the receding ice (which thankfully is all gone now), and the water. It certainly gives an interesting effect!

Even wet parking lots turn blue in the twilight.

Hopefully all predictions prove true, and we get real Spring weather soon. I'm definitely ready for it!


  1. I love Spring! And it looks like you're in for a beautiful one. :)

    Have a blessed day!

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Oh yes, I agree blue skies are one of the first signs of spring. After all, they include sunshine which is what melts all of winter's snow away! =P

    I really like the two toned water because of the ice. It adds interest to the photo.

    Oh, I'm in love with the last photo! The colors, angle, reflection, focus, and sunset make it simply stunning! =D

  3. Oh, that second lake picture... I LOVE water and light together...

    Love you too. : )


  4. Beautiful! I love the second shot


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