The Taste of Fall

Carlotta over at pastor's girl's ponderings is having a photography challenge, and I thought I'd enter. :) The theme is food... and I found just the perfect picture.

This is a pie I made last year for my brother's birthday - the first pie I've tried the lattice top with. I think there's something about apple pie that just exudes fall. The sweet-tart apples, savory cinnamon, crunchy crust... mmm mmm.

Hungry yet? ;)


  1. So yummy! I love pie :) Great shot!

  2. looks absolutely delicious! I want to take a bite right out of my computer screen ;) Great shot :)

    With love,

  3. oh I would so LOVE a slice of that right now!!

  4. This. Pie. Looks. Amazing.

    And the fact that I'm hungry right now, waiting for my mom to finish cooking, makes it although more mouth-watering for me.

    The colors are very warm, and fall-like. Awesome picture! Maybe you could have tried taking it from the top angle (rather than the side), so everyone could equally stare at it's deliciousness.

    Nice job! :D


  5. Thanks so much for following - this makes me hungry! I'm now following back and can't wait to see more. :)

  6. Definitely making me hungry! I wanted to try a lattice-top apple pie for Thanksgiving this year, but I kinda chickened out. :P

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