Hello, I'm Melody, and my main blog is Vividry. I absolutely love anything to do with capturing beauty, and I hope to express the beauty I find all around me to you in my photos. Everything I see around me, from the wide-open sky to the dirt between my toes to my family, were all made to glorify the God who created them. And I desire to show that glory by capturing it in a photograph.

I started this blog because I felt it was better to have a separate blog for photos (instead of posting them on my main blog). I will probably mostly post pictures of nature and flowers, seeing how those are related to my title. But if I take some good pictures of people or places, I will post those as well. :)

It is fitting that I start this blog with a post of rose pictures. A few days ago I accompanied a choir concert, and received these roses as a thank-you. I hope you enjoy them!



  1. I get the first comment on your new blog! :)
    I just wanted to comment on here and tell you to keep it up, that you are truely bringing sunshine and beauty to this world one little step at a time.

    I love your Rose pictures :) Although I am a bit partial to the red rose because it is my favorite, I love the white rose and the different perspective shots you took them at. Youre definitely a talented photographer, and I can definitely tell that you enjoy the subjects of your photos very much. Keep it up!

  2. Hehe you do! And thank-you for your sweet comment & compliment! I will definitely keep up taking pictures to spread beauty. :)



    PS. I really appreciate you following my other blog as well. (finally!) lol ;)

  3. Melody, I love your new blog! The rose pictures are simply gorgeous. I've been thinking of starting a photography blog myself, but haven't thought of a good name yet. Please update this blog frequently --I look forward to seeing lots of beautiful pictures here. Blessings!

  4. Thanks, Eden! I've loved seeing your pictures (with verses) on your blog, and I'd love to see more of them! And I know it's always challenging to find a fitting name for a blog. Hope you can think of one soon! :)



  5. I love those pictures, Melody! They are so gorgeous and they are such amazing proof of God's glory. Keep up the good work!



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